Best Crypto Root – Complete guide 2020


The cryptocurrencies space is expanding like never before as countries like China, India, and a few others have started accepting digital currencies after failing to acknowledge the benefits at the outset. Besides, with several businesses and institutions coming on board to support cryptos, the future potential for these currencies is more robust than ever.

Coming to crypto bots, these are automated computer programs that generate buy-sell signals, extremely vital in a 24/7 highly volatile market. The bots access client data from the crypto exchange/s via the Application Program Interface (API), collect info on the available funds, and automatically place trades on behalf of the client.

If you are a crypto enthusiast looking to grow your digital currency portfolio and protect the downside risk at the same time, it is imperative to employ a time-tested crypto trading bot to accomplish maximum returns.

In this guide, we take you through the various parameters that you should look for in your crypto robot search and the key performance metrics of some of the best crypto trading bots.

How to find the best crypto trading bot?

Before we take you through the best crypto trading bots, here are some of the key factors that users should consider when choosing an expert advisor-

Ease of use

The primary feature of any automated trading platform is the user interface. That’s because, during unforeseen events, users can quickly take control of the bot that features an exceptional user-interface. If you are looking for the best crypto trading bot from a range of robots, the first parameter that you should consider is the ease of using the system. Better the user-interface, more popular is the trading bot.


When users employ a trading bot, they are freely allowing the robot access to their funds. There could be serious risks if the bot is hackable. So, before choosing a robot, ensure to check the security parameters and the transparency of the network. One way is to carry out thorough research of the developers. The second is to allow third-party sources to examine and confirm the security parameters of your best crypto trading bot.


The purpose of using the best crypto trading bot is to ensure that it generates higher returns when compared to the other trading methods. While the extent of profitability could vary from one user to another, depending on an individual’s risk-return profile, you have to do your research to identify the effectiveness of the bot. One way of doing it is by backtesting and forward testing the crypto bot.

Backtest/ forward test

Despite the quality of the reviews of the crypto trading bots, before engaging them in Live markets, it is always advisable to test them on historical data across multiple time frames. The purpose is to monitor the user interface, the various features, performance, latency, and the relative slippage. For optimum results, make sure to include all the trading conditions that exist in the real-time markets.
Taking the above factors into account, here are some of the best crypto trading bots in the market.

The 11 best crypto trading bots


Incorporated by Ruud Feltcamp and Pim Feltcamp in 2017, the crypto trading bot has come a long way from the 3D printed prototype developed on the Raspberry Pi. Cryptohopper supports all kinds of traders since users do not require coding experience to set up and run the bot, thereby leading to its popularity. Users employing the EA can access hundreds of electronic currencies across multiple crypto exchanges, making it one of the most widely used bots, supporting around 180,000 traders globally. Client funds are safe with the exchange. The bot cannot withdraw funds from your trading account.

The Cryptohopper is accessible for $16.58 a month for the starter package, while the pro trader pack costs $99 per month.

Key features

  • The robot connects nine global crypto exchanges- Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Cryptopia, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin, and Poloniex.
  • The software is hosted on 2FA and AWS, making it extremely safe for users.
  • The platform supports multiple order types, including trailing orders.
  • Users can access candlestick charts and 90+ inbuilt candlestick chart patterns.
  • Chartists can conduct detailed analysis with the 30+ technical indicators.
  • Backtest, papertrade strategies free of cost.
  • Drag and drop the strategy designer.
  • The bot comes with several in-built trading tools.
  • Users can carry out inter-exchange arbitrage and mirror trading.
  • Try out the free demo before subscribing.


Founded in 2017 in Canada, 3Commas has since expanded into one of the favorite crypto trading bots among retail traders. Developed on the principles of a simple and intuitive interface with sophisticated tools to simplify trading, 3Commas maintains a reliable, transparent, and trustworthy business. With around 220,000 registered users and daily trading volumes of $60,000,000, the top crypto trading bot supports 23 exchanges.

Besides, the 3Commas mobile app is accessible on all iOS, Android devices, and users can subscribe to the bot from prices as low as $22.00 a month for the starter pack, with the pro version priced at $75 per month.

Key features

  • The trading bot comes with an intuitive user interface.
  • Create portfolios with a coin amount of your choice.
  • The bot has in-built custom signals and supports futures trading.
  • Charts and signals from TradingView.
  • Access multiple bots such as the simple bot, composite bot, and the grid bot.
  • Users can also view and copy signals from the bots.
  • Access advanced order types with the SL/TP function.
  • Organize all your trades from multiple exchanges in the trader’s diary.
  • Deal notifications via browser, mobile app, telegram, and email.
  • All the trading plans come with a free Binance subscription.
  • Try out the free demo before subscribing.


CryptoTrader is the commercial name for Algocraft Ltd, a cloud-based algorithmic crypto trading platform, accessible 24/7 via scalable VPS. Since the platform is on the cloud, users are not required to download or install any programs, a major plus for individuals subscribing to the crypto bot. However, it is a little expensive from some of the other top crypto trading bots since users have to also pay for running the bot on the cloud. Besides, there is also a limitation on the maximum equity for each bot to operate.

The CryptoTrader bot uses Coffeescript, an in-built scripting language to automate trading strategies. So, traders would need some amount of programming experience to develop strategies. However, individuals without coding skills can access several free and paid strategies developed by professionals from the strategy market section.

Unlike most of the other top crypto trading bots where the subscription charges are in fiat currency, the pricing for CryptoTrader is in Bitcoins. These start from Ƀ0.0022 per month for the Basic+ plan and extends to more than Ƀ0.0272 per month for the Premium plan.

Key features

  • CryptoTrader is a cloud-based trading bot.
  • The bot supports all the major Bitcoin exchanges via API.
  • Users can set email alerts and SMS notifications.
  • Backtest trading strategies.
  • The bot allows traders to develop strategies or rent it out from professional developers.


Haasbot is a product of HaasOnline, a crypto fintech company founded in 2014. The crypto bot comes in three variations:

  1. Trade bots- Automates trades using technical indicators, insurances, and safeties. If the insurances configured by the user are in line with the signal, the trade is bot executes the trade.
  2. Arbitrage bots- Monitors arbitrage opportunities in a user-defined currency and related pairs. If the price difference is above the profit threshold set by the user, the bot executes trades.
  3. Order bots- These are customized bots and combined with technical analysis, operate on pre-orders, such as mirroring supports and resistances.

The crypto trading bot runs on HaasScript, which the firm claims to be the world’s most advanced scripting language for trade automation. Haasbot has set minimum standards in algorithmic trading on digital asset platforms, besides assisting traders in managing and optimizing strategies on the cloud.
When it comes to subscription, the cost starts from Ƀ0.04 per month for a minimum payment of three-months with the advanced version priced at Ƀ0.11 a month.
Users can access the non-downloadable version of the bot on any computer or mobile, tablet.

Key features

  • The crypto bot requires minimal coding and comes with a text-based editor.
  • Drag and drop visual designer.
  • The platform includes technical charts, indicators, and over 500 commands.
  • Users can copy the strategies of professional traders.
  • The bot includes embedded library support.
  • Test your strategies using the bot’s advanced backtesting and live simulation features.
  • Protect your crypto assets
  • Try out the free demo before subscribing.


Zignaly is an online crypto-based bot that runs on the cloud, so users can do away with downloading and installing the platform on the desktop. Traders choosing the platform can engage in manual, semi-automated, or fully automated trading in cryptocurrencies. Since its incorporation in mid-2018, there are quite a few subscribers, with monthly volumes surging beyond $40 million, and Bitcoin balances exceeding 1000 coins as of April 2019. The crypto bot can only be integrated with Binance and KuCoin exchanges, although it hopes to rope in a few more this year. On the website, Zignaly has shared all the key metrics, including the number of clients it adds each month, revenues, churn, and burn rate in a very transparent manner. Besides, from April 2020, Zignaly is not charging a monthly subscription for users employing its bot, so the only fee that customers pay would be the exchange charges and the subscription fee to signal providers.

Key features

  • Trade on any digital coin, without limitations.
  • Signals from TradingView.
  • The platform supports several order types, including trailing orders and splitting profit targets.
  • The bot accepts multi-targets.
  • Copy trades of professionals. All you have to do is select the trader and set your max funds.
  • Cashback on trading fees.
  • Try out the free 30-day demo before subscribing.

Exchange Valet

Exchange Valet is a cloud-based automated crypto trading bot with its services complying with several ISO standards: ISO-27001, ISO-27017, ISO-27018. All data is secure in fully encrypted Google datacentres, and the bot uses the API keys provided by its clients to only connect with the respective crypto exchange/s. As an additional security measure, users should ensure that they do not include withdrawals in the API key settings.

The Exchange Valet bot works on Binance, Bittrex crypto exchanges, and costs $29 a month or $250 a year for annual subscriptions.

Key features

  • All the automated trading services of Exchange Valet are running on the Google Cloud.
  • The crypto bot supports market, pending, and trailing orders.
  • Place one-click speed trades, comprising entries, stop, and profit targets.
  • Auto-track your portfolio on the app and via telegram.
  • Receive email notifications and instant messages when your orders are triggered.
  • Graphical representation of portfolio allocation.
  • Try out the free 14-day trial before subscribing.

Signal Groups

Signalgroups Technologies Inc. is a Canadian-based tech firm offering free automation tools to crypto day traders. The Signal crypto bot works on any browser, device, allowing users to monitor positions or trade on the move. The platform currently supports only the Binance exchange, but you can connect the bot and log into ten exchanges simultaneously. With three more crypto exchanges- Bittrex, BitMEX, and Kraken likely to be included shortly, traders can employ the bot to execute trades on these exchanges too.
The Signal crypto trading bot is available free of cost for all users

Key features

  • The crypto trading bot is accessible on computers and mobile devices.
  • No monthly cost or fees to use the platform.
  • Protect your trading account with multi-factor authentication and the proprietary device guard.
  • SMS and email notifications on completion of orders.
  • The bot supports all order types- Market, pending, trailing, and laddered buy orders.
  • You can include color price sliders to represent order types- Ex: Blue for buy, Red for stop-loss.
  • Easily edit orders in a couple of clicks, instead of deleting or recreating.
  • Copy signals of professionals from your trading group’s channel.
  • Try out the free trial before subscribing.

Live Trader

Live Trader is a cloud-based crypto platform for individuals with exposure to Bitcoins and Altcoins or those keen on trading cryptocurrencies. The bot currently supports three cryptocurrencies exchanges- Binance, Kraken, and Binance US. Users can trade cryptocurrencies using fundamental or technical analysis to create customized trading strategies, which are simple point and click and does not require coding. However, traders who prefer employing strategies developed by others have the option of ready to use strategies.

Live Trader has three subscription packages- Starter, Advanced, and Professional. The differences are in the number of bots, strategies, and the cost. The starter costs $19/ month if subscribed monthly, while the annual subscription is at $15 a month.

Key features

  • The bot comes with 2048-bit encryption to ensure the security of your funds.
  • Develop strategies based on technical tools or fundamental indicators like social sentiment, team analysis, and others.
  • Users can download existing strategies from the Live Trader marketplace.
  • Choose a strategy from the trading community.
  • Users can backtest strategies before employing them in live markets.
  • You can access 20-1000 bots and one-ten strategies depending on the subscription.
  • Try out the free trial before subscribing.


Gunbot is a crypto trading bot that runs on computers and mobile devices, unlike some of the other EAs that are cloud-based. The crypto bot supports Windows, macOS, Linux, and Raspberry Pi and comes with an in-built browser interface optimized for mobile devices. Since its first release, Gunbot has made several changes to the platform, most of which were from the input they received from the thousands of users from its trading community. Gunbot does not have restrictions on the number of trading pairs or the number of times users switch between exchanges. The platform is available in four versions- Starter, Standard, Pro, and Ultimate, with the main differences in the number of tradable exchanges, strategies, and integration type.

Likewise, the monthly subscription ranges from Ƀ0.02 for the Starter platform to Ƀ0.125 for the Ultimate. Gunbot uses the Gunthy utility token on the Ethereum blockchain for users registering for the crypto bot.
The tech firm has several support channels comprising a private support group, email, forum, and an active user group, making them one of the best crypto trading bots.

Key features

  • The crypto trading bot is accessible across all the 100+ spot trading exchanges in the CCXT library.
  • Gunbot comes with two-factor authentication for enhanced security.
  • The bot supports spot and margin trading, with some alerts offered by TradingView.
  • Users can control Gunbot with a single JSON config file.
  • The software supports 15 order execution methods, besides a wide range of technical indicators.
  • Besides, the regular orders, the app supports DCA, trailing, and reversal orders.
  • Monitor your trades and wallet balances on the dashboard.
  • Users can interact with the trading bot through telegram.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of trading instruments you can use on the app.
  • The platform comes with free in-built strategies, with the option to customize your own.
  • Try out the free trial before subscribing.


ProfitTrailer is a crypto trading bot, established in September 2017 in the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao. The robot supports Graphical User Interface (GUI) and is accessible on all devices connected to the internet. The crypto trading app supports twelve exchanges, several cryptocurrencies, and has a dedicated community of traders.

When it comes to licenses, ProfitTrailer has three subscription packages, starting from €30 up to €69 a month, including VPS costs. Besides, the firm also has a lifetime membership for users who do not want to keep paying subscription fees at regular intervals. ProfitTrailer is accessible on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. With over 30,000 active subscribers, ProfitTrailer is one of the best crypto trading bots in the industry.

Key features

  • The app supports 40+ trading strategies.
  • Combine up to 26 signals for powerful entries/exits.
  • Interact with traders in the community, discuss, share ideas, and strategies.
  • The app supports more than 40 strategies, including Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).
  • You can run a max of three bots at a time.
  • The crypto app has advanced paper trading features.
  • Try out the free trial before subscribing.


Established in 2018, ApiTrade is an automated cryptocurrencies trading platform based in the US. The bot uses advanced trading algorithms based on machine learning to generate low-risk strategies. One of the big positives of using the platform is the zero monthly fee. However, ApiTrade earns a percentage from your profitable trades, which is not a bad idea.

ApiTrade currently works with four crypto exchanges- Binance, Huobi, Kucoin, and Okex. Users can deposit their coins directly with the exchanges and connect the ApiTrade platform via the API interface. Traders can also fund their balance at ApiTrade, and the tech firm offers to auto-trade and earn profits for you.

When it comes to client support, users can get in touch with ApiTrade via telegram for any kind of info or quick resolution of queries.

The ApiTrade platform is secure with a two-factor authorization using telegram and Google 2FA. Besides, the bot is secured using SSL protocol, and all traffic encrypted.

Key features

  • The platform supports High-Frequency Trading (HFT).
  • The crypto app has in-built, low-risk trading strategies.
  • Trading pairs are automatically selected.
  • The bot offers predictable daily profits based on its low-risk trading profile.
  • Receive free access to the crypto-portfolio monitoring service.
  • Earn 10% of all referral deposits, for a lifetime.
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 7-days for users not happy with the services provided by ApiTrade.
  • Client funds are secure on the crypto exchanges. ApiTrade does not have the access or authority to withdraw client deposits from the trading account.